Flashlight invites members of a local community to combine forces and illuminate their neighbourhood. It's art by flashmob!

The next Flashlight is being held in Nelson, Lancashire on November 24th at 5pm as part of the Lancashire Day celebrations and Christmas lights switch on.

In the run up to the event, 20,000 flyers have been distributed locally. Each flyer can be folded to make an origami lantern. Counterfoils on the flyer can be exchanged for a light kit to make the lantern glow.

On the day of the event participants will receive instructions asking them to assemble their light, put it in their lantern and place it in a specific location at specific time and in a specific way e.g. "place your lanterns in around The Shuttle. Space them about a metre apart."

The event is being held in Nelson as part of Portas Pilot Scheme to re-energise the town's centre. The event has been devised and run by BREAD art collective.

The event was originally commissioned by Chorlton Arts Festival in 2010. Chorlton folded over 400 lanterns and many, many more people saw, stopped, looked and chatted about it. Flashlight was acclaimed as one of the highlights of the festival.





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