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{this way:UP} is being supported by a huge number of artists who are mentoring young persons' groups and contributing work while waiving their fee.

this involvement has ensured that the project covers breadth of styles and is critical to its success.

we gratefully acknowlegde their support.

Alice Mill
supporting artist - sunset girls

Mrs. Mill works from an 18th century chapel on the western edge of the Yorkshire Moors amongst wild winds and frenetic bird song.

Mrs. Mill paints, collages and designs - inspired by the poetry of humans and plants. There is beauty and strangeness in the way we lean, touch, yearn and dream. A mysterious manner in which a falling leaf can make us smile and feel much better.

Mrs. Mill is available for workshops, design and art sales. This year Mrs. Mill will be collaborating with sound artist Mr. Mill for a series of exhibitions in the North of England.

Anna Macdonald
supporting artist - car conversations

There is something about being in a car that invites us to talk in particular ways. In cars we sing, shout, talk about the weather or things that feel easier to say when you don't have to look the other person in the eye.

For this installation people agreed to carry sound recorders in their cars. The recordings were then placed with hundreds of scale toy cars to create a tiny motorway of overheard conversations.

Anna Macdonald's work spans performance, installation and film. Her work has received international recognition, including being nominated for this year's Barcelona International video dance awards.

Chaz Newton-Smith
mentor - hideaway

Originally from Bristol, Chaz developed his painting skills whilst studying for a degree in Fine Art in Northampton. He moved to Manchester five years ago and has been focusing his work mainly on large landscapes.

He paints big urban landscapes with lots of power and punch. They tend to be about what he is feeling and where he has been. Big canvases with big brush marks. Recent works have been inspired by Manchester scenes and some include Old Trafford football ground.

He lives in Salford with his wife, he has a studio where he works on his large canvasses. As well as painting in his studio he also teaches oil painting in Hulme through a ten week course.

Damon Gough
supporting artist - launch event

Damon is a singer/songwriter based locally in Chorlton and has spent over a decade performing at venues throughout Manchester and beyond. He is playing at a number of festivals over the summer.

Currently working on a trilogy of albums Damon explains: "I've got such a wealth of ideas I want to work on, and intrinsically, as a creative person, you don't want to switch off the flow of ideas, because that's what keeps you ticking."

In addition to writing and performing, Damon owns his own record label and is described by Paul Morley as the "Chorlton-cum-Springsteen anti-superstar"

Emily Pitts
supporting artist - launch event

Emily likes the way different materials work and look and feel, and how they express different things according to how they are used and manipulated.

She uses materials in different and surprising ways to evoke feelings and emotions - to create connections and experiences that you can enjoy or connect with.

Emily is interested in the nuances of language and how the expressions we use in everyday language can be appropriated and examined through artworks.

She is a passionate environmentalist and likes to challenge pre-conceptions and invoke discussion, debate and comment.

George Longland
supporting artist - robot

George is an architectural assistant based in south Manchester with a keen interest in art and the techniques / processes used to create it.

His work is driven by a thirst for practical knowledge and as such his portfolio covers a broad range of subject matters and disciplines.

Recent projects have seen George delve into the world of mass produced toys which has included the production of silicone moulds and the building of a rotocasting machine to enable the creation of multiple resin castings.

The work produced for the this way:UP exhibition is the first in a series of pieces that look at a dystopian future where machines will have emotions.

Jim Ralley
mentor - company fierce

Jim is an MA student at the University of Manchester, Director of arts organization The Big Art People, and a freelance digital artist. Running visual arts workshops in schools and communities.

Currently an intern at Folly Digital Arts, Lancaster evaluating their digital participation programme, Jim is also working with Darkfire Education and Creative Partnerships teaching enterprise skills in Sheffield and working on an innovative geoannotation project with the Institute of Cultural Practices.

Jim is collaborating with Company Fierce for the 2011 Chorlton Arts Festival.

Lotte Karlsen
mentor - alexandra arts

The Norwegian girl who grew up in a 'Glasshuset' made the North West of England her home in 2001 to add little bit of Northern hemisphere Soul to the region.

Her work reflects the international journey her career has taken, blurring the border between art, craft and design. Her joint passions for community and the art of sculpture have led Lotte to where she is today, working to combine historical design and cutting-edge technologies while engaging local people.

It is her belief that cultural activities like this can be used to find and express shared hopes and value.

MA Barnes-Wynters
mentor - alexandra arts

A creative renegade and catalyst with 'a permanent light-bulb above his head' and founder of the influential "doodlebug" arts platform. He is a significant arts producer and graphic artist who continues to breathe life into creative thinking whilst delivering something inspirationally new.

Described as a renaissance man and a maverick, he continues to ignite exciting collaborations by any medium necessary with art at its heart.


Maddie Stocker
supporting artist - flower photos

Maddie is currently studying A levels in sixth form, one of which is art. She has had an interest in photography from a young age, and is now considering taking her interest further, as a career or more serious hobby.

The series of floral pictures she will be displaying have been taken on a light box, to create a translucent effect and show the delicate nature of the flowers petals.

Mark Hobbs
supporting artist - found faces

Mark mainly takes photos which show things slightly differently, unusally or comically by looking at them from a different angle.

Other work includes portraiture and finding out-of-the-way places that people either pass by, don't wander off the beaten path to find or fail to spot as they rush pass.

The work on the front of the Boxworks is from a never-ending side project finding smiley faces in the world around us.

The photos are taken as found, without interaction or re-arrangement of the objects. Chance, observation and camera angles are used to achieve the desired picture.

Mary Stark
supporting artist - flower photos

Mary Stark is an artist based in Manchester. Her practice encompasses a broad range of approaches to generating work, from public interventions and installations to photography, sound and video.

For This Way Up Mary has installed photographic images in twelve windows above shops on Wilbraham Road. The photographs were made as a result of a project working with the archive at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation in Manchester city centre.

Anthony Burgess grew up and studied in Manchester, most famously he wrote the book 'A Clockwork Orange'. The archive holds his writing, musical compositions, books, photographs, personal objects and documents.

Sarah Needham
mentor - chorlton high school

Sarah has been teaching KS3 and 4 Art and Design since 2005. Currently teaching GCSE Photography at Chorlton High School, Sarah is also Assistant Curriculum Leader in art.

She trained as a Visual Artist and is hoping to complete an MA in the not too distant future.

Sarah is supporting her Year 10 GCSE Photography group for the 2011 Chorlton Arts Festival.

Hilary Judd
supporting artist

Jill Lovelock
mentor - unity

Kerry Howarth
mentor - gorse hill studios

Lucy May Schofield
supporting artist

Russell Meehan
mentor - old moat centre

Sam Heitzman
supporting artist - car conversations

Alexandra Arts

A community artist led group based at Alexandra Park, which believes that participation in the arts embracing nature, can make powerful and significant contributions to the well being of local communities.

One of its current projects is the participation in the global INSIDE OUT project by Parisian street artist JR.

Lead artist, Lotte Karlsen devised and delivered a unique series of weekly photo shoots with a group of sixteen children, aged 6-7 from the Art Club at St. Mary's C.E Primary School (Moss Side). The children were paired up to take close-up portraits of each other to express their feelings about the importance of nature in the inner city.

This is a preview of the large-scale exhibition of these portraits along the railings of the Windrush Community Centre on Alexandra Rd. South.

Cholton High School logo

Chorlton High School is truly comprehensive. We are a mixed, multi- cultural and multi-faith school catering for students aged 11 to 16. We are very proud of our diversity, as this is one of our many strengths.

As a Specialist School, Chorlton High School has a responsibility to deliver a high quality experience in the Arts for all of our stakeholders.

Whist the GCSE Photography is a relatively new course it as been over subscribed every year. Pupils have been working on a range of skills and techniques focusing on composition, lighting, movement, scale and digital manipulation. The year 10 group who are involved in this years 'looking up' exhibition are creating work based in the Chorlton locale with a pop art twist.

Company Fierce

Company Fierce is the brainchild of its founder member, Darren Pritchard.

They create some of the brightest and brashest multi-media and dance theatre performance in Greater Manchester and beyond. By delivering an explosive mix of dance productions, community projects and educational work Company Fierce is a truly exciting and entertaining dance company.

The company's young people are working in collaboration with digital artist Jim Ralley to produce some video art for this year's festival. The images will be projected onto the side of a building in Chorlton forcing people to look up at these talented kids.
Unity Arts logo

Unity Arts is a constituted, voluntary organisation that aims to Celebrate Diversity and say NO to racism and other inequalities by:

- establishing partnerships with a range of organisations and community activists in order to take high quality arts and music projects out to communities during the year, primarily with young people who may not otherwise have access to these activities.

- creating accessible, engaging, forums for young people especially, to have a voice about issues that affect their lives.

What to know more? Get in touch!


Gorse Hill Studios

CAF Young Persons Group

Blossom has an abiding passion for seasonal and British flowers. We provide our customers with beautiful floral designs that reflect our enthusiasm for colour, texture, and the best in nature.

We have an astoundingly huge selection of beers we thing you should try. We do stonkingly good Pieminister pies for you to munch while you sup your beers

Since opening in September 1996 Unicorn Grocery has been offering a stunning range of wholesome and organic foods to its South Manchester customer base.

Standguide Ltd, established in 1990 has grown into a successful and highly respected company providing individuals with the necessary skills and training to achieve their employment goals and employers with training and recruitment solutions.

Atlantic Fish Bar


Beech Road Park

Children and Adults Services

Chorlton Green

Chorlton Library

Chorlton Precinct

Democracy PR


Festival Hub

The New Lloyds Hotel


The Edge

We want to encourage people to look up. To move beyond the ubiquitous shopfronts they're constantly confronted with. To find a new way to explore a space that they may feel they know well.

There's a aspiration to looking up and all too often we just stare at our feet!

{this way:UP} has identified a number of sites throughout Chorlton and is arranging for artworks to be created and installed at each for Chorlton Arts Festival between 19 and 29 May.

The project is Arts Council funded and gives opportunities to young people at risk of exclusion the opportunity to work on a high quality visual arts project.

Work is being created by groups of young people based in Chorlton and surrounding boroughs and already established and up-and-coming artists.

BREAD art collective

are a collaboration formed in November 2009 between Bristol and Manchester based artists Ruth Essex, Kate Moran and David Boultbee.

They use light, sound and simple technologies with a strong social focus to create works which gently ask you to stop for a moment and take in your surroundings in the hope that you'll notice something new.

In addition to {this way:UP}, BREAD are currently working with Ridgewood Special School in Burnley and starting { beat:tent:hook }, a project working with young people in Rossendale to explore the textile heritage of the area, in conjunction with Helmshore Textile Museum and Horse + Bamboo Theatre.

More information at

Chorlton Arts Festival

is one of the leading multi arts events in the region, bringing together a programme of international, national and local artists for ten days of energy, excitement and creativity each May.

Last year the festival attracted audiences of over 27000 people. In 2011 the festival has embarked on a new vision of creative risk taking, nurturing new talent and producing groundbreaking work.

More information at

look up...

move beyond the street and ubiquitous shopfronts and find a new way to explore a space you may feel you already know well

there's an aspiration gazing skywards that we all too often miss just staring at our feet

this way:up

worked with 6 community groups and over 20 artists to create works of art to be installed above eye level at 15 sites encouraging you to look up.

artworks were displayed throughout Chorlton from May 18 until May 30 2011

check out the map and photos to see what you missed!

keep looking UP!!!

18-30 May 2011

Young People

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